Mine Pass

Mobile Experiences Made Easy

Expand your church’s mobile footprint — with or without an app — using Mine Pass.

Mine Cart Studio's innovative Mine Pass service allows you to quickly and easily deploy mobile passes to your attendee's mobile devices. Personalization is made easy using your data and the Lava templating language. Passes are easily deployed using Rock's communication tools via email or text. Barcodes work seamlessly with check-in to simplify weekend and event experiences.

Possible Uses:

  • Weekend Check-in - Speed up your weekend check-in experience by allowing for barcode check-in using your attendee's mobile phone or watch.
  • Events - Provide mobile tickets for your next event.
  • Camps - Reduce check-in lines for camp while also providing logistics information like assigned bus numbers, counselor names and cabin assignments.

Sign-up For Early Access

Our Mine Pass service will be rolling out in Fall of 2018. Sign-up below to be one of the first to include Rock integrated mobile passes into your organization.


  • Small
  • Max 1,000
    Weekend Attendance


  • Medium
  • Max 5,000
    Weekend Attendance


  • Large
  • Max 10,000
    Weekend Attendance


  • Xtra-Large
  • Over 10,000
    Weekend Attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

While our Mine Pass service gets the final touches here are answers to common questions.

How much will the Mine Pass service cost?

We are still working on pricing for this service. One factor that will determine cost is the initial interest level. The more people interested means the lower we can make the cost to help spread the development costs out.

The pricing will also be based on the size of your organization so that we can make the solution available to organizations of all sizes.

Do I need to have my own Apple developer key to create passes?

Apple requires that all brands publishing passes do so with their own certificates. At the time of launch, you'll be able to upload a certifcate from your Apple developer account for use with your pass. Normally, an Apple Developer account would cost $99/yr, but Apple is now giving non-profits free accounts. At the time of release we'll provided step-by-step instructions for how to create your certificate and upload it to our service.

Will Mine Passes work on both iOS and Andriod devices?

Apple Wallet passes will be supported immediately. Unfortunately, Google just released support for event passes in July of 2018. While we plan to eventuall support native passes for Andriod, these will not be available in the initial release. In the meantime, there are several native Andriod apps that fully support all features of the Apple Pass files. We highly recommend the Wallet Pass application for your current Andriod users.

Will I be able to dynamically update passes on individuals phones?

In order to get the Mine Pass service released as soon as possible, we do not plan to support this feature at launch. We hope to add it soon after launch, however. Passes created at launch will be deployed in such a way as to allow dynamic updating as soon as that feature is ready.